Profit From Your Purpose: Make A Difference & Make Money

You’ve always felt a calling to something big.  You’re one of those women who is really smart, and has a vision.

You are passionate about helping people and you LOVE being in charge of your life as an entrepreneur.  Your product or service is AMAZING!  It helps people, and you love that.

You know it’s what you are here to do.  

Helping people, living life on your terms, having financial freedom! 

You CAN make PROFIT FROM YOUR PURPOSE!  It’s not a pipe dream.


How do I know? Because I have been right where you are…

I was a frustrated entrepreneur.  I loved helping people but I didn’t know how to make money doing it.  But, about 3 years ago all that changed.

Work less, worry less, and have way more fun!  

I’m going to teach you exactly what I did.  You will learn that:

  • you don’t need to work harder (you actually need to chill more)
  • making a profit with your purpose is the most empowering thing for you AND the person buying from you
  • you have it in you

You are your biggest asset.  

Now is the time to claim the life you’ve always dreamed of!

That is why I created this one day intensive program.

Defining Your Power & Purpose-3


What you get:

  1. A full day to focus ON your business in a powerful masterminding setting, without interruptions from kids, spouses, or other distractions (priceless!!)
  2. A call with me before the 1-Day Intensive to get crystal clear on your vision for your business and lifestyle.  ($150)
  3. Exact tools on how to be way more profitable doing what you love ($900)
  4. A lite breakfast, lunch and snacks

PLUS: BONUS!!!!  Act before December 31st, and receive:

  • 2 post-event accountability calls to stay focused, profitable, and stress-free ($300 value)
  • $100 off my Bestie or Bully program running in February
  • my Power Of Mindfulness E-Book and tools ($24.99)
  • Guided Meditation to Massive Profitability ($50)

Normally, a one-day event like this costs over $1000 (several coaches I know charge $1500!!), but because I am here to help YOU make your own ripple effect, this FULL DAY PLUS 3 CALLS is only

$349!!  Register NOW and get over $400 in bonuses that will launch your business and your life into the dream you’ve always wanted!

Register Now to create massive impact and profitability! 

SAVE over $1500!

You DESERVE to make money while making a difference!

You are your most important asset.  It’s time to invest in yourself! 

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