day 3 observation and growth moment

We just got back from a quick trip to the grocery store.  What happened there and my thought process (and subsequent moment of growth as a human) is so profound–at least to me–that I need to share it as my day 3 of appreciation.

This story goes so well with the inspiration for this seven day blog jog.  While walking around the small grocery store, I noticed a tall blond woman.  Only it wasn’t a woman.  It was a man dressed as a woman.  It may have been a very masculine-looking woman, but I’m pretty sure it was a man (anatomically).  The lines of gender have blurred in our society more than ever and I don’t claim to understand it.  This might be because, well, talking to someone about their gender can be kind of an awkward conversation, and plus I probably don’t know anyone personally that I could have that discussion with.  And besides even if I did, I would be embarrassed mostly for my personal ignorance and afraid I would say something offensive (I have been known to do that unknowingly).

I’m not so sheltered that I haven’t seen a transvestite or transgender person before, but in the past, I reacted differently.  It took all I could to stop myself from whispering to my daughter, “did you see that??” once we were out of earshot.  I knew she would not tolerate my obvious shock.  Acknowledging this REALLY made me think about my  knee-jerk reaction.

When it comes to how people identify themselves, gender wise, or sexually, I have a live-or-let-live attitude.  I really don’t care.  I may not understand it, but I accept that I don’t understand people and I can accept them as who they want to express themselves to be.  As I put the groceries away, it kept nagging me, this thought that I wanted to share of seeing someone transsexual in public–like I had really juicy gossip and I wanted to find just the right person to share it with.  Why do I feel the need to gawk (even if not with my eyes, but my mind, or gossip) at someone who is different?  That is OLD energy–this is what we have been TAUGHT to do.  Having previously discussed these issues with my daughter and other kids her age, I knew that they were growing up with a different attitude toward people.

Then, as I was putting the dishes away it hit me–the profoundness of this moment.  Here I am writing in my blog to express my deepest thoughts, baring my soul and facing my fears of rejection.  This person is BOLDLY proclaiming their free expression in public, with openness and vulnerability.  WOW!!!!!  A wave of respect flowed over me and I realized the significance of this moment.

To quote The Police, “We are spirits in the material world.”  We are spirits, souls, points of light, all put on this Earth and encompassed by our Creator, G-d.  We are all unique on the inside and outside.  Pushing the status quo of gender, just as was race decades ago, is just one more step towards humanity accepting everyone as souls on this earth wanting to be loved and accepted for who they feel they are.   I bare my thoughts and feelings about this, fearing misunderstanding, or ridicule for being naive, I too am looking to be who I am.  I say BRAVO to this PERSON for putting it all out there.


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