day 2 rampage of appreciation

ooohhh!  I almost already fell off this train!  wow! how one little thing can throw me completely off my happy-go-lucky self that I have been working on. I reeeeeally need this today so here it goes:

I appreciate being on this planet! I appreciate the opportunity to learn and share and grow.  I appreciate contrast in my life. It helps me know what I want and what I don’t want.  I appreciate that people in my family are on a different path than I am.  I appreciate that they look at the world differently and I can learn from that.  I appreciate that this is a challenge for me, and I appreciate that I can change my thoughts to make this less challenging.  I want more than anything to love unconditionally and I know that with daily meditation this will get easier for me.

I am thankful that I have so much to appreciate in my life: my husband, my beautiful and talented children, my house, my cars, and my dog, and my family and friends.  I spend most of my life playing life as a victim.  Making up stories in my head that people don’t like me and that people don’t listen to me because they think I  am stupid or don’t have credentials.  This of course made me feel bad about myself and sad and a victim of other people.  But,  whether this is true or not it doesn’t matter and I appreciate knowing this now.  I appreciate the knowledge that I am not the only one who feels this way, and I can share with you that when we feel good, you are aligned with G-d’s love for us.  When we feel crappy, mad, frustrated or sad, we are just spewing lies.  It has been a huge burden lifted off my shoulders to know that most of the crap that goes thru my head are lies and not true.  I appreciate that and am extremely thankful for knowing that.  Some may call this delusional.  Does it really matter?


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