day 1 of gratitude rampage

For then next seven days, I am going to post a rampage of gratitude and good things.  This is mostly for my own mental health, but I hope that in sharing this personal experience others will find value.  I’ve started doing this randomly and it really helps me feel good! You may not completely understand this, but it might grow on you.  So here goes!  please comment and share!!!

I live an amazing life! I am so blessed to have a strong healthy body.  I love knowing that I am an extension of G-d.  I love knowing that G-d is shining loving energy on me every moment.  I love knowing that when I feel good, I am in line with G-d’s love for me and when I feel bad, it’s a lie I tell myself.  I am so thankful for knowing this and feeling this deep connection.

I am so blessed to have a loving husband.  I love knowing that he and I are in alignment with each other, even though for many years I thought we were not (one of those pesky lies that I used to tell myself).  I’m so thankful for knowing this now.  I am thankful for children (and hubby) who teach me about my own worthiness, unconditional love, and my relationship with G-d everyday.

I love knowing that I am worthy of everything I want, that I have ever dreamed of. I love knowing that because I have dreamed it, it is a reality that hasn’t come into being yet.  I love knowing that this moment in time is already the past and that I create what happens next.  I love the feeling of moving downstream and letting go of upstream thoughts.  And, I love knowing that life’s true gift is not the getting, but the journey–the moments strung together that bring us to places that are more extraordinary than we could have ever dreamed.  I love knowing that I work with G-d  which means that “reality” is actually irrelevant.  I love knowing that love is the answer to everything.


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