the next most powerful song on my happy playlist

In case you missed it, I’m doing a review of songs that I discovered lift my mood and help me deal with life. In my pursuit of life and getting what I have always felt is my destiny (what is yours???), many happiness gurus say you have to be happy first, and then you get the good shit. Well, if you don’t feel good, or happy, or even feel like getting out of bed in the morning, how the heck do you get that inspired feeling of happiness??? More often than not, I feel fine, but its the crap that happens as the day progresses, or things don’t work out the way I want that brings on that voice in my head that takes my joy away. What is the volume of that voice in your head (this, I have come to realize is the key because we all have this voice–even probably Donald Trump–but it depends on how loud it is and if you think it is right or full of crap).

One morning I realized that I wake up with feelings of dread and scarcity, or fear of stuff I can’t control (like my kids or money), and I thought, OMG! I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet! I need to change something.

So, I have kind of been in pursuit of happiness. In my last blog I wrote, I shared some basic things I do that I have found give me a different perspective on the day. Things like exercise, taking my omega 3 supplement (yes, this really does work) and listening to music.

I don’t mean for this to be a music review blog or anything. Its just that this playlist and these songs have had such a powerful effect on me. Its such an easy thing to do everyday, and I just want to share it–because I’m so inspired to do so. So, I hope you’re getting something out of this and I hope YOU will share what YOUR inspiring songs/playlist looks like.

Everyday I listen to what I have termed “My Happy Playlist”. This playlist rocks my mind. Each song has a strong message for me. Last week I shared insights inspired by Rise by Katy Perry. This week I am going to share the next most powerful song on my list.

It is probably THE most obvious song: Happy by Pharell. I know, not very original, but its upbeat tempo just gets my shoulders moving and even sitting here in Starbucks I just get swept away with a happy feeling! I can’t help it! As ridiculous as it sounds, this song saves me so many times! I think the reason why is twofold–besides the tempo, speaking the words is powerful. This is Make-It-Till-You-Fake-It at its best. Not everyone believes in this self-help basic principle. I can understand that–smiling in the mirror and pretending to be happy doesn’t cut it for me either. But, on a really deep level listening to “I’m Happy” and having it play in my head all day helps it sink in. On a quantum level I know that the effects of listening to the words “I’m happy,” having them play in my head and bouncing to music DOES have a huge effect on my neurobiology. It’SCIENCE,” which helps me accept it more, too.

The next song on my list is Unwritten by Natasha Bettingfield. I LOVE this song! It reminds me that everyday is a new day and that our life is whatever we want it to be no matter where we are in our lives. (“I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned”).  As an aspiring writer and creative person, its reassuring that my words are unique “No one else can speak the words on your lips.” I have to say, I love just about every verse in this song.  “open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you cannot find, reaching for something in the distance, so close you can almost taste it, release your inhibitions…” This to me says meditate–let go of the crap and be inspired. We all are always reaching but feel held back, so LET GO and let the words flow.

I could write a huge blog post just on this song!   Look it up and play it–I actually Google the lyrics to understand the whole message.  “Feel the rain on your skin, NO ONE ELSE CAN FEEL IT FOR YOU, only YOU can let it in.”  We each take in life in our own way and no one else can experience it in the exact same way, so EMBRACE that!

One message that keeps resonating with me is THERE ARE NO MISTAKES. I think its because my whole life I have felt like I am ALWAYS making mistakes and screwing things up, so its comforting to hear that there are no mistakes. But, am i just fooling myself?? I mean come on! Everyone makes mistakes! I started thinking about this. I’m going to save this subject for my next blog because its pretty deep and today we are just gonna be HAPPY! Listen to the songs and let yourself get happy too!

I want to know what YOUR happy songs are!  please comment below!

until next time…


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