what did I get myself into???

Just so you know, I’m an experienced writer–not some josephina shmo in internet-land writing about her personal experiences getting fit. I’m also a personal trainer and have owned a successful business for almost 14 years. But, last week I walked away from all of it because (this is gonna sound really selfish!) I wasn’t taking of me. As a trainer, I was training everyone else, trying to keep up with my own health, but I was losing the joy of it, and gaining fat. At almost 50, that is a scary prospect for a woman!!! So, here I am starting over again, making new health and career goals.

So, this just happened…
Yesterday, as my darling hubby (who thinks his job is to constantly push me to my physical limits, in a loving way) was trolling the internet, he stumbled upon the Battlefrog Race. I had been talking to a client who did the Spartan Race last year. She said it was HARD, but having recently become an American Ninja Warrior fan and wanna-be, I told him “let’s do it!!”

And, so he signed us up. Then, I started watching the video of this thing and I realized I might be in over my head (or at least what I was willing to do). To come up with a plan, I took a look at the blog of this race’s website. So, here goes everything. I’m gonna share with you this crazy ride (its only for 6 weeks, don’t worry). I hope it’s inspiring to you (and me).

My goal in doing this race? yes, I have a goal and it’s not what you think. It’s not (really) to get in shape. And, it’s not about bragging rights. I’m doing this to get out of my comfort zone–to face some fears that I have about bullshit limits I’ve put on myself. And, I’m doing this to abandon a victim mentality that I’ve been leaning on my whole life. I know that many of us (probably ALL of us in some way) have ideas about ourselves, what we can accomplish, how the world works, etc that are just plain bullshit. In the past couple of years I have learned that 99% of what we learned as kids and adults is total crap that limits us in what we think we can accomplish, what we are, how we feel about ourselves and our bodies.

In this new blog, my future posts (after the race) will contain all kinds of other inspiring and informative content about health and wellness, including essential oils (my latest obsession!).

hope you will join me on this new adventure!!!


1 thought on “what did I get myself into???”

  1. Elyse,
    Good for you! I am so impressed. I am still trying to get out of my own way, moving forward, backwards and sideways. Wishing you – good luck, good energy, and an awesome outcome.


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