Even though I spent half my life being a scientist and trying to prove myself, I now consider myself an intuitive, healing facilitator.

What the heck is that??

headshot2016I help people facilitate their healing and optimize health by guiding them with nutrition, fitness, and essential oil choices.

Having a background in biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry give me the know how to understand that this stuff really works!  Having a late-in-life passion for fitness gives me a different, more balanced perspective of staying healthy (I’m not an exercise freak, I promise!).

My shift to intuitive healing started with essential oils, and that is at the heart of my practice.  I offer workshops in person and online on essential oils, the insights they provide us, and on fitness and health.

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I’ve recently released a BEST SELLING book on Amazon.com! I wrote a blog post about my life shift (kind of an extension of my contribution to the book, that you can read here Check the book out here.  Be ready for your own life shift!!