Kindness Challenge: Day 2 What does your heart tell you?

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought a book of 365 Days Of Renewal called Daily Peace.  The book is published by National Geographic (an interesting book fact).  Today is Day 2 of November which has the theme of Kindness.  We sure need a lot more kindness in our world, so please SHARE these words of… Continue reading Kindness Challenge: Day 2 What does your heart tell you?


Top 6 personal favorite books on mindset

In honor of one of the most amazing authors ever, Louise Hay, I'm sharing my list of beloved self-discovery books. Over the past couple of years, I've been sharing thoughts, insights and ideas about changing the way we think about life.  All these ideas have been sparked by some really incredible, off-the-beaten-path books. Some are… Continue reading Top 6 personal favorite books on mindset


Fears holding us back, from what?

A couple of weeks ago I had another transformative experience.  It started pretty innocently.  My friend Star invited me to her home for a "Bad Ass Manifestation" party. I thought about not going for about 2 minutes.  Hang out with hubby at a microbrewery, or manifest my hopes and dreams with some other big-time players.… Continue reading Fears holding us back, from what?

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The risk of blossoming

This is the day. The risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk I must take to blossom. Where is this all coming from?  I got my ass kicked and handed to me on a platter this weekend.  It wasn't pretty. It wasn't totally my fault, either, but it still… Continue reading The risk of blossoming


Another adventure begins

As you read this, I'm on my way to Georgia to hike the Appalachian Trail. Some people (namely my MOM) don't understand why some of us feel compelled to "conquer" big challenges, like marathons, and triathlons, and the AT, but I think I'm in good company here. 🙂 Many of you have accomplished feats that, at first, seemed difficult at best, or maybe even downright ridiculous! Why do we do this stuff?