Will you actually do your resolution?

These two mistakes prevent you from realizing the change you desire in 2018

Every year on New Year’s Eve, the media showers us with reminders of everything that happened during the year:  The people who died, the natural disasters that wreaked havoc, and all the political crap that went down.  But that isn’t what we should be doing on New Year’s Eve.It actually sets us up to do much of the same in the year to come.  So, a lot of people make resolutions to make the coming year different, but the biggest mistake we make is that we base our resolutions on the past.  Unconsciously, we are basing our outcomes of the future on the past, and that’s just frustrating and backwards.

The Only Solution Is Just One Step

In order to change we have to let go of the past.  Like really let go.  The past doesn’t help us in any way to move forward.  The idea that we learn from the past is a lie.  It just allows us to hold on to it, and pulls us back like a rubber band.
We have the power to create a whole, brand, spanking new year, and self.  Realizing that the past is irrelevant is the key that unlocks the door to your New Year.

I’m not saying that letting go of the past is something that happens in a snap.  It definitely takes work to rewire your perspective, but it can change everything.  Joe Dispenza, in his books You Are The Placebo and Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself explains how people change their lives and health with letting go of the past and completely embracing the way they want things to be.

Your future is simply about changing your mind.  So, instead of thinking about what did or didn’t happen this year, envision what your 2018 looks like as if it already IS.  What is your vision?  I’d love to hear it!

Have fun with this.  Don’t get bogged down with “reality” because  reality is literally what we make it.  If we focus on how we failed in the past our future isn’t going to look very different.

Please SHARE with me!  What is your vision for 2018???

If you want to know mine, stay tuned.