What does this have to do with money?

Over the past few months I’ve been talking to a lot of people who are stuck.  They want to make a huge difference in the word and they feel stuck where they currently are, usually because of money.  I’ve been (vacillate being) there and I’m going to share a possibly unpopular idea about this state of lack.

It’s bullish*t.  It’s just another form of victim mentality.  Stuck and/or broke are usually the emotions we feel to indicate that we are indeed in..duh,duh,duuuun…

Victimtown.  We don’t plan to go there, but somehow we get detoured there, usually by someone else or something we didn’t see coming (haha, just like a victim mentality to blame someone or something else!).

Here is a story for you.  (I’ll get back to the money in a minute)

I was talking to my friend Jessica about her current work situation.  She was really pissed off because she just got overlooked for a nice promotion.  The person who got the promotion is a bitch and making my friend’s life hell (that ALWAYS happens, doesn’t it???).

At first, I identified with Jessica, because I too have been overlooked for promotions, and it’s a horrible feeling.  All our internal feelings of inadequacy are in one moment justified.  The Bully in our heads says, “see? you ARE a loser!”  BUT (this is where it gets interesting)…

As she shared with me her story of woe, and about how her family is always sabotaging her ability to eat healthy, I decided to not sympathize.  That sounds kind of mean and callous, but it was actually a gift (to myself and to her).  I helped her see how in every situation in her life she was playing the victim card.  It was everyone else’s fault that she wasn’t living the life she desired.  She was broke (couldn’t afford my services even thought she really wanted them), she was in pain, and she couldn’t see how she was doing it to herself.  I could see clearly what she was doing in EVERY aspect of her life, not just work and money, but in health and love, too.

SIDE NOTE:  [I have to admit I have been in and out of this frame of mind, especially recently when life threw some crap at me that totally blindsided me.   It does for all of us, but how easily do we get back on the path to empowerment and being our amazing selves?  That is a little bit of an art and takes practice.  I like to say, “It’s a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly.”   Fortunately, life gives us lots of practice!]

Back to my point:

How many of us just stay in Victimtown without realizing it?  It feeds our story and any movement towards getting out of there scares the hell out of us. It’s an absolutely natural response!  Our ego keeps us safe at all costs, because who knows what is in store for us if we leave our ______(fill in the blank: job, relationship, thought process, etc).

Almost everyone does this to some extent, but its very prevalent when we attempt to mix money and our passion.  Many Creatives and Healers do this.  Teachers and Nurses do this.  Office Workers, and Moms do this.  It’s what we are taught to do: Sacrifice ourselves to be in the service of others, and it’s okay to get paid crap for it because its “a calling.”  It strokes our egos.  I call it the Martre Complex.  We give away our talents, and do what we love but we feel guilty getting paid for it.   “If you love what you do, you won’t make money.”  More B.S.  Where is it written that you can’t love what you do and be ridiculously wealthy??  (I’m thankful that I have a husband who wouldn’t let me continue to do that–he pointed out to me that what I was offering people was worth getting paid for).

Actually when you love what you do you SHOULD be ridiculously wealthy because you are in the zone.  Just because something comes naturally to you doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get paid for it.  You have a unique talent!  That’s what the 1%’ers understand. They do three key things that are the root of their success.  (watch this video for 3 mistakes you’re making that are costing you money and wasting your time)

Why am I so focused on money?  I’m usually talking about health and mindset.  Well, because it’s all the same.  We all have stories that we believe about money, time, health, weight, food, relationships, love, work… everything.  Money is just easy to measure and it’s fun to change up my blog a little. 🙂

So here’s the deal.  Where are you in your money story?  We all have one, and like an interesting road, it has twists and turns.  Sometimes we are high in the mountains and sometimes we are low in the valleys.  The question is how to you react to the valleys?  Do you see them as part of the journey?  Or as a necessary evil, that you wish was not necessary.

Are you ready to allow yourself to receive more money in your life, regardless of what you do?  Or, are you still arguing for ways that money can’t come to you because you’re in a crappy job, or your boss is giving you less hours, or you love what you do, or your kid is sick, or it’s the holidays.

Lack is an attitude that can control every aspect of your life.  Are you ready to think about it differently?  Is it possible to receive money (or love or health) with ease and joy as if by magic?

What is your money story?  Please share a specific time when you realized you are worth more than you were letting yourself get paid.