Top 6 personal favorite books on mindset

In honor of one of the most amazing authors ever, Louise Hay, I’m sharing my list of beloved self-discovery books.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been sharing thoughts, insights and ideas about changing the way we think about life.  All these ideas have been sparked by some really incredible, off-the-beaten-path books.

Some are super easy reads.  Some are pretty deep.  And others bring out the geek in me.  I got to thinking about them and what an amazing resource they have been for me and my perception of life.

I thought maybe YOU might want to read some of these books!  So, here are my top 10 with a little snippet.  The link is to Amazon, so if you want you can get it!  I love having my own books (vs. online or from the library), because I write notes and highlight them.

Please let me know if YOU have already read any of them, and what your biggest take away was from it in the comments section. J

This list is roughly in order of reading them. I think this is important because knowledge is an unfolding evolution. When you are exposed to information in a certain order it can be received in a more transformational way. This is the order in which I discovered them, but everyone is different.

#1: You Were Not Born To Suffer by Blake Bauer

This was my first Kindle purchase.  I loved the book but wished I could buy it in paperback.  It was the first book that helped me to see the world IS truly benevolent and we are sparks of light.  I almost forgot about this book, and glad that I didn’t because it is a gem.

#2: The Biology Of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Even though he is a cell biologist, he keeps the concepts in this book very easy for anyone to understand. This book introduced to me the deepest meaning of epigenetics: that we control our biology, and the interpretation of our genetics, even with our THOUGHTS.

#3: The Power Of Now by Ekhart Tolle

I had heard of this guy and this concept (I think he was on Oprah), but I found the book on a shelf at my mom’s house. I “borrowed” it and WOW! It totally changed the way I look at my dog, that is for sure (I don’t have a cat; if you read the book you will get that). This is kind of a deep book, that at least for me, I had to keep re-reading (possibly because I read before bed and fall asleep in the middle of a paragraph!)

#4. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

A beautifully illustrated book, Hay’s words and gentle coaxing into owning all that happens to us are incredibly empowering. A very easy read. Great for people who are struggling with their health and tend to feel like crap happens to them a lot. Such a gentle game changer!

#5. Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

It just gets better and better!!! This book helped me completely shift. No doubt deeper than Biology Of Belief, Dispenza really delves into the psyche, the neurochemistry, and psychology of changing behavior. Even though the concepts are complex, he makes them very relatable to every day struggles with change. This is where the phrase “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” became clear to me. This book took me on an intellectual journey to the core of my soul (is that even possible? YES!!).

#6. Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

  • Okay, I said that #4 helped me completely shift, but maybe that is because in the middle of reading that book, I was given this one. This book blew my mind! It’s a little “out there” but once I got comfortable with the concept of the source, I embraced the message, which is, we can have whatever we want. I love it! I want to go on a cruise with Esther soon!! This book speaks to your soul like none other.

PLEASE, if you have ever read these books, tell me how they changed your life (because they most certainly did!).  Enjoy reading!