These are testimonials for Elyse's sessions with the biofeedback device called iTovi. Everyone has completely different experiences with iTovi and it is not meant to diagnose anything. It is used as a tool and facilitator for someone on their journey to "wholeness."

More and more studies are proving that emotions are the deep-seeded root to all illness. Many people have documented this. Using the iTovi and other resources, I help people accept the things going on in their lives on a more conscious level. Essential oils can help people move forward consciously and unconsciously because of how they work in the body.

If you would like more information on iTovi sessions, or working with me to "feel" through physical issues (to find the emotional root), please contact me using the form below.

"OMG. Elyse! I just put that oil sample on you gave me and went to hot yoga (hadn't been in 4 months)-it was awesome! Like aroma really gave me a boost! THANKS SO MUCH!! I definitely will be back for more!"

- A.

"My journey with essential oils began in December of 2015...I was very skeptical, but after seeing how Elyse walked my daughter through picking just the right ones to help her with some issues after a traumatic breakup with her boyfriend (which really helped!), I thought I would try some. In January 2017, I had my first iTovi reading. As we looked up the oils in the Emotions and Essential Oils book I could definitely relate to each of the descriptions and what was going on in my life emotionally. I used the oils that it recommended. I could tell that they were helping me with clarity and how to express myself more effectively. My second reading was in March 2017 and again, I could related to the description of each oil, which was directly linked to what was going on in my life. I am so grateful for the insight this is giving me and the empowerment to do something about it!"

- E.P.

I just loved my essential oil reading with Elyse! The reading was dead on with what is going on emotionally and physically. I was so happy to receive a little vile of the essential oils accustomed for just me! Looking forward to these oils being another modality to help me heal. Elyse is so knowledgable and non judgmental. I will be back for another reading for sure!

- M.R.

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