I Almost Went Into A Ditch

Wow! For the first time ever, i think, I dodged a real doozy of a bullet.
Have you ever gone to bed pissed off about something, only to wake up still really peeved? It’s NOT a great way to start the day.
That was me today. I could feel the angst from last night’s argument about cleaning chores building up in me as I slowly gained consciousness.
Normally, I would give into the building feelings and create a great big vortex of anger, frustration and wanting to continue the argument from where we left off! Ooh! All at 7:00 in the morning!! I could feel the blood starting to boil in my veins!
And, although I had a great day the previous day, I was starting to feel like I missed a key component to maximizing my speaking experience–another rabbit hole that I KNEW I didn’t want, nor could I go down for sake of my sanity and success.
I was really ready for an anger-“I’m right-you’re wrong/I-missed-my-opportunity pity party!!
But alas, I am more evolved now, and my speaking engagement on Mindfulness the day before reminded me that going down that rabbit hole was a useless, exercise, even if it did feel “good” in a sick sort of way. I know you know what I mean!
It was like watching a near miss car wreck. It didn’t happen, but it almost did! Whew!
So what did I consciously do to avert my attention? I did the following:
I sat with my dog in my “happy” spot in our house and listened to two calming morning meditations. These reminded me that

  1. Everything always works out (which it really does)
  2. Today is a new day-let go of expectations (whew! That feels so good-just go with the flow)
  3. Everyone, including me, is doing the very best that we can. I’m not bad, or incapable of success

The next thing I did was put on some essential oils.

  • I love patchouli and need it for grounding, so I put a drop on the back of my neck.
  • Next, I used Cheer, because I was feeling VERY sorry for myself. Cheer is like having a friend tell you all the awesome things about you.

Those really helped!! The last thing I knew I needed to do is work of some of this pent up adrenaline. Get it out of my system! I could feel it sitting in my gut, just waiting for something to blow up at. So instead of getting on that “black disc”, I went to the gym to work out to my Happy playlist.

When we become conscious enough to stop bad behavior, it affects everything!!

  • Family: I could have continued a major disruption in my marriage relationship, and family (cuz my kids would see how I reacted too, and ruined there days too!)
  • Finances: I could have continued to fuel those feelings of failure, which I know are total bull shit but that has been my victim pattern in the past (which gets me absolutely nowhere)
  • Faith: instead of disconnecting, I plugged into my soul voice for guidance as to what is really true.
  • Fitness: instead of letting those anger hormones fester, I worked it off in a healthier way.

I avoided a collision with myself. I felt the rumble strips on the side of the road and got back in my lane! I didn’t drive into the ditch.
The feeling of acknowledging your own growth is incredibly powerful.

Are you ready to change how you react to life?

You are amazing! Claim it today!!