How essential oils help me

I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal stuff lately (which I am mustering up the guts to share here in the near future), and although I thought it was getting better, today was one of those days when I fell back into despair. I vented to my friend as we did our regular nature walk, came home to take a shower and sobbed that my vision of normalcy was not manifesting as fast as I thought it was.  One thing that was different from past emotional hiccups was this: instead of falling prey to the “shit always happens to me/I’m a loser” mentality, I could ask internally and out loud “what is this shining light on?”  As in, what is the good that I need to see in this situation?  

I was explaining this several times to potential clients yesterday, that I help people reframe the sh*t that goes on in our lives, helping people go from victim to enlightened. Here I was, starting to go to Victimtown, but changed my destination in my emotional GPS to Enlightenment City.  I asked myself, “what am I supposed to get out of this?” (the answer to that question is another post, too).

After I pulled myself together and went on with my day, I took out my iTOVi to charge it to prepare for a client tomorrow, and thought “boy I could use a good blend right now, and some extra insight on what I’m moving through.”  The iTOVI is an electronic biofeedback device that measures standardized frequencies in your body, then compares them to known frequencies in essential oils.

And that is why I’m writing this. The iTOVi (as usual) nailed my emotional state and helped me see what I need to do. The message for me was multifaceted but made perfect sense to me. So I created a blend and I’ll be wearing it for a week or so to find solace and emotional balance.

Most of the time we are self aware enough to know what we feel but we don’t always know what to do to move forward. For me, I didn’t know if I should get more involved or let go and have faith. The iTOVi confirmed what my gut was telling me-let go and have faith. It may sound ridiculous that I need a biofeedback device to “tell” me what to do, but it’s not like that. If you’ve ever been in an emotional fog, feeling so close to a situation that you just can’t see straight, you’ll understand how something so simple can shed light on your personal hell.

So contact me if you want to know more about this crazy little biofeedback session. It is profound and I’m having a holiday special.  Pm me or email me at