holy crap…how do you interpret that?

It all started when I was being booted from my dream job.

At least that is what I thought at the time.

I was making the most I ever made, back in 1995, working as a bench scientist. I even had free parking, which was hard to come by in that area of the ciy.

Even though the money was good, the work was surprisingly unfulfilling.  Then, I had that “crucial conversation” with my boss.

The grant we had been working on was not renewed.  This happens, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, BUT I was still losing my job!  Turns out, that wasn’t the whole story.

As my numbered days came to a close, another person was hired to do basically the same job.  OMG! WTH???   My ego was totally crushed.  At the time, I didn’t really acknowledge that it was a blessing in disguise.  I knew I needed to move out of the lab and focus on something else.

But, what???  that is what I was wondering.  I had dreamed of helping the world through science since I was 15, and it wasn’t turning out any which way I had hoped.  I didn’t know what was next for me.

I had no IDEA that twenty-something years later THIS would be part of my true calling!

My dear mom, as supportive as she is, suggested I try to pursue writing.  She said, “you were always good at that.”

So, I got my first professional writing job.

All these years later, I’m still writing and now, I am a BEST SELLING author!

Life is interesting, as I’m sure you know.  It seems like life keeps “booting” me down my path.  Sometimes we need a kick in the butt to push us forward.  Like my husband Brad says about skydiving, one way to get someone to jump out of the airplane for the first time is to give them a little push.

I know that, like me, you are on a journey in this world, trying to figure out heads and tails of all that happens in a person’s life:


We all encounter them, but HOW we perceive them might be different for each of us.

Do you see them as gifts? or as challenges?

I’m not here to share some optimistic bullshit, but pretty much every time something crappy happens, later on we look back and say, wow, that was actually a blessing in disguise.  Or, maybe we can at least say, what can I learn from this?  This is looking at life’s “stuff” as gifts.  It might be a challenge to wrap our brains around it, but it is still a gift.

Like when I lost that job… I was so pissed at my boss, because I knew what was going on. He was edging me out to bring in a new person.  I didn’t fit into their surgery click of doctors and residents and the new person did.  I felt TONS of resentment! I was bitter about it for a long time, and even as I write this those feelings come back to life.

HOWEVER, later on I realized that he was just a pawn in a bigger plan.  He was just playing his part and I should give him a big fat kiss for forcing me out of the lab and into a whole new realm.

So many things are like this.  When we re-frame the things that happen to us, and see them from a higher perspective, we see it actually happened for our greater good.  When we move out of the victim role, we can actually SEE that bigger picture and the lessons offered.

So when crap happens, how do you interpret it?  More importantly, how do you REACT to it?

I used to get all worked up and create a big victim drama in my head, but that has all changed.

Let’s take something EVERYONE can relate to:  traffic.

I used to be one of THOSE people who would get really pissed if someone wasn’t driving perfectly (like I’m perfect! sheesh!).  Like they were going to slow when I was in a hurry.  HA!  We’ve ALL been there.  Just when we need to get somewhere or we are late for something important, we get behind the SLOWEST person on the road!   I would get all worked up and impatient, which never helps with staying safe on the road, and usually it’s pretty pointless.

One day after many many months of spiritual learning and growth I thought, maybe Someone is trying to tell me to slow down!  This traffic could be a huge blessing!  So, I took a deep breath and settled into the perfect timing principle of life.   And, it all worked out.  The timing is always perfect.

Once I started doing this I realized that everything REALLY DOES fall into place and that I don’t need to control it all.

So again I ask, how do you perceive “crap”?  Maybe you’re not quite ready to embrace it fully, but just think about it the next time you, say, get stuck in traffic.  There’s nothing you can do about it anyway, so you might as well put on some good tunes and enjoy the ride.