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apple juice and dr. oz controversy

Everyone is on Dr. Oz’s back about his comment on apple juice having arsenic in it and how we should not be feeding to babies. here is the link for the page it’s discussed: my take on it: start checking the bottles of juice you buy to see where the concentrate comes from. A…

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Usana Convention highlights: Part 2: facinating science facts

Still Thursday, and Christiane Northrup, a very well known physician who has written many books on women’s health, and has been on Dr. Oz, spoke.  She is a Usana Associate too.  Here are some REALLY interesting points she made: Every year 99,000 people die from medication errors and 98,000 people die from hospital-aquired diseases (nosocomials)…

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Accidentally overweight? and Are you happy? Dr. Libby Weaver and Shawn Achor

These two speakers were my favorite! Dr. Libby Weaver, a biochemist from New Zealand spoke about women’s health and cycles related to weight gain.  She had so much information to share.  Her website is and she has a book called Accidentally Overweight that I hope to do a book club on soon.  The book…

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Usana convention highlights part 1: the Usana Difference

The Usana International Convention took place in Salt Lake City August 24-28, 2011.  I took copious notes on the speakers that impacted me most and provided the most important information for YOU, my clients and community. Here, I will provide information from the General Sessions and the Break Out sessions that I attended, and provide…

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Venuswoman blog

Hi, This is my new blog!  it will enable me to bring information to my clients and community that I just cannot contain in a simple newsletter.  I hope that you find it informative and interesting, and most of all, relevant to helping you live a healthier life! Please leave a comment, like, or visit…

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