I’m a passionate entrepreneur who wants to change the world by helping high-achieving women love their bodies, be their own best friend, and optimize their health so they can make a huge ripple effect with their lives.

Where did that all come from?
Ever since I was little I had a dream to create a big impact in the world, even though I had no idea what that looked like. At first, I wanted to be an actress, but when I realized that (at least in the ‘80s) most actors were working at restaurants to earn a living, I decided to switch to my surprisingly second passion: science.

Who would think that this high school drama queen would be a scientist??? But, it actually makes a lot of sense looking at how I got to where I am now.

I’ve always been passionate about biology and how to maintain health naturally in an increasingly unhealthy society. Healthiness and Happiness are the most natural states of being for us humans, but you would not know it by what you see in magazines, on TV and by talking to people.

The status quo is that we need help (via outside means) to avoid disease, but the truth is that our bodies have everything we need (along with appropriate nourishing input from nature) to be healthy. We were literally designed to fight off whatever comes our way.

I help people create an effortless journey to health and happiness.

How do I do that? With simple tools, that stimulate our senses (after all, we are very sensory-oriented beings), with essential oils, concrete mindset practices, simple foods, and basic movement. This defines my LIVE In The Ripple Effect system. It’s not just about physical health and physical ways to manage health (like the traditional way). My system incorporates the most important part of your health—YOUR MIND AND EMOTIONS.

When you engage your mind, your feelings, and your Divine Perfection, you can take your life and your purpose to a completely new level!

What makes me so good at this?

I have 30 years of experience. This might sound weird but biology excites me. The way we are designed is awesome! I have been practicing my own system of health, optimizing food and movement. One thing that other health experts forget about is the most crucial part, and why many people, despite their efforts, still don’t have the health or body they want.

This is the sweet sauce: THE MINDSET of BEING HEALTHY.

Healthy living has always been my game.

I studied biology, biochem, and molecular genetics to help the world understand heart disease, but when research became more disease and drug focused, I had to get out.

I’ve always been active, but I’m a self-professed gym-class-hater. I was never an “athlete” even though I liked to be active. Ironically, my second job in High School was as an aerobics instructor. So, fitness was a natural go-to for my next professional move. I have been a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist for over 13 years. I trained women and girls, some with special needs, to have a balanced outlook on being in shape.

Owning my own personal training studio for 9 years taught me a lot about being an entrepreneur (high five to the sisters out there doing it too!). It also made me evaluate how I fit in as a business owner, and reinforced that the voices in my head are RARELY my friends.

Essential oils entered my life about 5 years ago. Essential oils are one of the most intuitive substances on Earth! This opened my mind understand how emotions and something as basic as our thoughts play a pivitol role in health and disease. This has transformed the way I live and teach everything.

By re-evaluating the voices in my head (are they truthful? RARELY), I began to realize how much I was limiting myself.

By using quick techniques everyday, I was able to change: • The way I react to everyday dramas• My body image (I can eat whatever I want and not feel guilty!)• How optimistic I feel about everything, including my health (even as I hit the big 5-0)

Many people have told me that once they have a conversation with me, they realize I have a vast intuitive sense of health and healing that they want to understand.

The LIVE In The Ripple Effect system is a culmination of hardcore knowledge about health, tapping into our Soul Voice, and understanding the critical role mindset plays in any success, especially health.

Let’s chat about how your mindset may be holding you back . Fitness goals? Unresolved health issues? Changing the voices in your head to help you with success in all areas of your life? You are capable of so much! It’s time to let go and shine brighter than ever!

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